The Juicy Story


Ron BeVard
Founder of Juicy Professional Car Care Products
A Passion for Detailing

My name is Ron BeVard, founder of Juicy Professional Car Care Products. My passion for cars began with my first love, a 1973 Ford Bronco that I cherished. Every weekend after driving her through the mud she found her way back home where I would detail her until she shined. It was at that time in my life I came to realize I had a gift for detailing that grew to a passion for detailing.

Over the many years of detailing my Bronco I came to realize there wasn’t one product that met my satisfaction. Shortly after graduating from high school I started my own detailing company on the Monterey Peninsula, Superior Mobile Auto Detail.

After all these years later I still own and operate my company which details luxury cars in the Carmel and Pebble Beach area. As an experienced detailer, I have used many different professional products available on the market and found no satisfaction due to lack of performance.

Car Butter

My goal was to find a wax that wouldn’t leave a powdery residue or leave rubber and plastic with a white film. Finding a dressing that was not greasy, slinging off the vehicle or rubbing off onto clothing is what I was in search of. Most of all I wanted a product that outshined outlasted and out performed the rest.

After many years of frustration dealing with these inadequate products I began creating my own. I blended a few samples and tested each one, but being a perfectionist I made a decision to team with a chemist to configure a blend that worked best. We worked and blended….we tested our samples until satisfaction was met and it was then Juicy Car Care was born.

Proudly made in the USA

Juicy Car Care products are 100% manufactured in the USA. We not only personally manufacture all of our products, we also are committed to the continued growth of our line. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the best available products in today’s market, and for that we’re very proud.

100% Guaranteed!

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee policy allows returns with a full refund. I’ve met my goal… “Juicy is one heck of a wicked product! Juicy is affordable so everyone can keep an ample supply in their garage.

It’s not only the car clubs or the elite that want to take care of their cars, it’s all car lovers, people like you and I. Combine great customer service with an excellent product and that’s what I have to offer, my goal is to provide service to my customers that earns me their respect. I stand behind my product and pride myself on customer care.

~ Ron BeVard